For anything we can’t grow in the climates of our own farms, we have partner farms in 27 different countries and on every continent except Antarctica.

Our NutriCert™ certification requires supplier farms to be traceable, ecologically sustainable and socially responsible.


We require traceability from our partners down to the exact parcel of land where an ingredient was grown. In the case of wildcrafting, where botanicals are sustainably harvested from the wild, we need their exact GPS location.

And we check all the details. Our NutriCert™ audit checklist includes up to 76-items that suppliers must comply with to get our seal of approval and do business with us.

Documentation guarantees the botanical variety and helps ensure that no genetically engineered seeds are used.


The safest ingredients are the only ingredients accepted by Nutrilite™.

Each year we visit 30 to 50 partners during peak growing season, conducting audits to verify they continue to meet our strict NutriCert™ certification standards.

We need to know everyone involved. Our suppliers must identify and provide contact information for anyone within the supply chain of each botanical.


We search the globe to find the best plants in the best locations. High growing standards for our partners yield quality crops with maximum effectiveness.

While some companies are satisfied that the manufacturer of their ingredient is following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), we require traceability back to the farms where the ingredients came from.