Our Brazil farm is located in Ubajara on 1,269 hectares (3,136 acres). It’s so big that all three of our other farms could fit inside of it.


We grow more than 138,000 acerola cherry trees there, producing about 2,000 metric tons of cherries each year.

That many cherry trees need a lot of compost. We use an average of 20,300 metric tons in one year – enough to fill 232 railroad cars!

Worms help us, too. They produce liquid biofertilizer with good micro-organisms that help our crops grow.


On all our farms, safety is ridiculously important to us. So much so that our standards go above and beyond Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

It’s all in the details. For example, our farming tools and equipment are cleaned and sanitized before each and every use to prevent the growth of microbes.

And at our Brazil farm, we test all irrigation water for pathogens, and our water systems are meticulously documented and mapped.


Our scientists on the farm know the precise time to harvest our crops to make sure ingredients are the most effective. With acerola cherries, which contain more than 150 phytonutrients, harvesting when they are still green and unripe ensures vitamin C levels are at their peak…between 50 to 70 times more than an orange!

In fact, we grow more than 80 types of acerola cherries on the farm – 95% of all known types – to find the most effective variety, just for you!